Facebook is addictive… so what?

One of the issues that comes up when I talk to academics who are my father’s generation is “We didn’t have this when I was at uni”.

To which I reply: FACEBOOK.

My colleague sent this article to me on how Facebook is altering your mind.

And it’s not only Facebook, as you know. The internet is a BIG BIG BIG distraction. While leaders have told me that they use Youtube for study purposes (there are actually a lot of good lectures out there), it’s easy to see how “studying” could turn into “time-wasting”.

That’s an advantage to a structured study group – it gets the students off the internet and away from those distractions.

(PS there are lots of other reasons we need peer learning, including recognising that my father’s generation only had the “elite” go to university, but that’s not the point of this post.)


About Georgina Barratt-See

Georgina manages the UTS U:PASS (UTS Peer Assisted Study Success) program, which assists students in 50 first and second year subjects with study sessions run by trained student facilitators. Georgina has 14 years experience in the Higher Education sector with interests in student leadership, mentoring, first year experience, teaching and learning.

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