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Our goal is redundancy

A: You know, the funniest thing happened in today’s class today Georgina.

We were working through some of the questions together and we got up to the final one, the hardest one I’d left till last. My students were working through it and I told them to refer to the lecture slides when they didn’t now what to do. Eventually, one of the students found the worked example in the lecture slide, and when I asked him whether he needed any help, he said “nope you’ve been made redundant.” Haha!

At first I was slightly taken aback, but on reflection, I realised that was probably the best thing he could have said, meaning that I’ve done my job helping them find the answer themselves.



Some wonderful Session report comments (collated)

Well, I’m getting round to reading session reports again after a few frantic weeks leading up to the end of semester revision sessions etc.

Rather than several small posts, I’m just going to quote a few different leaders with different points to make:

From a first semester leader:

A: I have refined my mentoring and leadership skills – one of my attendees could not understand how to rearrange an equation (changing the subject, etc). After I gave a brief introduction, I asked another attendee who had been performing quite well to show her how it should be done. I invited all the others to chip in as well. This not only rid the first attendee of her confusion, but also served to make the session more enjoyable for her. I did notice that she was feeling left out, judging by her confused looks and silence. I attempted in my own way to make her feel at home. Learning something new was comparable to sharing a yarn with friends in this case.

From another first semester leader about students actually listening to her:

Earlier on in the semester, a few of my students actually asked me how I found the assignment when I was doing the subject and when would be a good time to start it. I told them a bit about my own experience with the assignment (also warning them that things could be different now compared to the time when I did the subject) and also it is better to start the assignment as early as they can because it involves using an accounting software which can be hard to use at first. To be honest, I didn’t really expect them to take my advice, mainly because the due date is after VC week and the assignment was given on Week 1, also I’ve warned them that my experience may be completely different to them due to course changes (but the same accounting software was still required this semester). Hence, I would have completely understood if they had to miss a U:PASS session to finalise their assignment that day. But during that session, when I asked the students how did they go with the assignment, one of my students told me that she took my advice and started the assignment as early as she could, which is why she isn’t as stressed out as all her other friends. I guess the fact that she took my advice on board and that it worked out for her at the end made me really happy because it feels good knowing that you’ve helped someone, even though it’s just a small general advice!

From another first semester leader over his improvement in confidence and communication:

A: Over this semester U:PASS has really helped with my social skills. Speaking to a big group of people used to be a challenge for me but I am now much more at ease in these kind of situations. For instance I had to do a presentation at the end of this semester for a group work project. This would have previously been a nervous moment for me however after a semester leading as a U:PASS leader I found the whole experience very easy.  It really proves that U:PASS is beneficial for everyone involved!

A second semester leader on the development of her own study habits:

A: I have noticed that I have picked up a more thorough studying style as I now learn things in my own course at a level where I would feel comfortable conducting a u:pass session in the topic. HD’s here I come 🙂

So that’s a few sterling comments for today!