Beyonce brings everyone together

One of the leaders made me laugh today with her session report:

Q: What went well in your sessions this fortnight and why?
A: This fortnight’s session was great overall, but I especially enjoyed Week 6’s session because the topic itself was short so it gave me a chance to sort of do a mini revision quiz on the past few topics. The students seem to enjoy it and thought it was a good way to consolidate their knowledge and also work on problems together. Some of the students thought that the questions were amusing as well, as I was inspired by my iTunes playlist when I was making the worksheets and somehow managed to include a Beyonce-inspired question in the quiz. But long story short, that session was probably one of the highlights during the week as the group interaction was fantastic (Beyonce brings everyone together).


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About Georgina Barratt-See

Georgina manages the UTS U:PASS (UTS Peer Assisted Study Success) program, which assists students in 50 first and second year subjects with study sessions run by trained student facilitators. Georgina has 14 years experience in the Higher Education sector with interests in student leadership, mentoring, first year experience, teaching and learning.

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