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It’s ok to do not much….

I remember walking into a leaders’ session a few years ago. All the students were sitting around in a semi-circle, there was a lot of chatting – students were peering over each other’s shoulders, and pointing out things. A couple of students were working on the whiteboard with a bunch of students huddled around.

I couldn’t even see the leader. Eventually I spotted him, sitting back, just letting the students work.

It’s easy to think that the leader is “not earning” their money if the students are working almost without the leader interfering at all. But this is not the case – actually the leader is _really_ earning their money – they’ve facilitated to the point where the students are almost independently learning.

And that’s where we want to get to once the students stop having U:PASS.

So, leaders, it’s ok not to do much…. it doesn’t mean that you aren’t earning your money, it means you’ve worked so hard that they students now take ownership of their own learning.