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Q: What went well in your sessions this fortnight and why?
A: MY STUDENTS STARTED TALKING WITHOUT ENCOURAGEMENT (insert fireworks and other celebratory things). The students seemed comfortable this week. There was chatty banter going on, and they worked together quite cohesively. Breakthrough for all, and the best thing that has happen thus far.


I’m really glad…

Q: Students lead in U:PASS for a wide variety of reasons – to mentor, to gain leadership skills, to improve communication skills, to get educational experience, to see what it’s like working for UTS.  What’s something you feel you have gained in one (or more) of these areas over the last fortnight? Why? (You may also choose another area if you wish!) 🙂

A: Leading U:PASS session has definitely been one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am so grateful to mentor students and facilitate a casual and relaxed learning environment that is geared towards their needs. The most uplifting thing these past few weeks is seeing shy students gradually gain confidence in themselves, and share this confidence by helping other students. My ultimate goal is to facilitate a learning environment that addresses their academic and social needs, which I believe is important for first year students, as I did also struggle with this. I am really impressed with how inquisitive the students are about (subject/name removed), and how passionate they are about learning at UTS. By seeing their motivation in tertiary education, it has influenced me to keep motivated as a third year student. I’m just really glad to be a U:PASS leader 🙂