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3 months later

In late March I interview L, who is an international student from China. She completed the U:PASS training and then has been leading all semester. This is her final evaluation – look at this understanding of what students need and how to help them!!

“Q: What went well in your sessions this fortnight and why?
A: As final period is coming, we mainly focused on practise question in these weeks. Told the students that they should finish the question in limited time (e.g.5 mins, 6 mins) and do questions individually (try to practise them in an exam mode). Then asked them to write answer to the whiteboard and explain, then see whether other students agree or disagree, and discuss (volunteers and other participants can get lollies). Giving chance to student to explain the solution is a good way to make them remember how to work with it. Besides, for the students who make comments on it, it also helps them understand and remember how they . This could be a good practise before the exams.

In the final week, as the time was limited, it was a bit difficult to cover two topics. So, for the final topic – international finance, we went through the steps for solutions that could benefit them to answer question on exams.

Finally, i found that some students felt panic about the exam and didn’t know how to do the revision, and they have kept asking me about the exam since week 9. In the final session, i shared some of my experience for exams and revisions. and told some students who didn’t finish the practise question in time during the session, should go for more practises and speed up answering the questions.”